Silk, Paper, Bamboo….

Even if the Japanese are famous for their origami, Chinese are also well known for their paperfolding. Walter Cheng is one of those artists who works with the notion of delicacy. The materials used in his creations are symbols of lightness: the bamboo, the paper, the silk cocoon. They are also a symbol of the Chinese culture and history. Paper has been invented in China 105 AD (apparently more earlier since few archaeological discoveries). China is also the country where has been invented the silk fabric by using silk worms. About bamboo, it’s used in many different fields such as medicine, food, creation of tableware, paper making as well, etc.

After his studies in Tawain at the National Tawain University of Arts, Walter moved to Escola Massana (Barcelona, Spain). He’s now based in Barcelona and he’s giving paperfolding class at the  Arsenal Escola Municipal d’Art. His work shows a real sensibility and sagacity, probably influenced and learnt through his culture, he’s not only using the material as a random one, Walter manifies the paper, the bamboo, the silk cocoon. He gives them another function, another story between ancestral culture and modernity, between traditional and contemporary skills.

To see other pieces follow his blog: Walter Cheng

If you want to buy his creations: Walter Cheng Etsy

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