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In the last post I told you how pleased I was by reading nice emails and by “meeting” people on internet. Anja Eichler gave me two galleries’ links. Twocities Gallery and Ubi Gallery.

Twocities gallery situated in Shanghai, is specialised in contemporary three-dimensional art. Mainly glass, ceramic, lacquer, wood and metal work are exhibited.The gallery is own by Shannon Guo. After a Master of Art and a Master of Fine Art (in jewellery and ceramic) at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA, she’s now the curator of the Twocities Gallery. She’s also  the Head of Jewellery and Metals Studio, College of Fine Arts at Shanghai University.

The last 24th of March, Twocities has featured the Studio 115 (unfortunately I haven’t found any website or blog). A jewellery and metalsmithing studio within the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University. Studio 115 is one of few studios representing China’s most advanced stage in jewellery & metals.
(Sorry,some images doesn’t have any title, it was quite hard to find informations or photos of the Studio115 or of the exhibition)

I have also found a very interesting interview of Shannon Guo on an Italian jewellery blog, where she’s talking about contemporary jewellery in China nowadays. If you want to read it, it’s here: “Che si dice in Cina?” (don’t be affraid, the interview is in English!)

To be honest I’m a bit desapointed, Studio115 seems to be an important place for contemporary  jewellery, but there is no information or photo on the internet! If anybody has more informations about it, I’ll be happy to hear more!

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2 thoughts on “Twocities Gallery

  1. I’ve asked a couple of friends in China to search for 115 info. Will let you know!

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