I’m Anaïs, a frenchy studying abroad!

I fell in love with Scotland more than 2 years ago now, I went here for a work placement, and then, decided that would be great to live there! Now i’m doing my last year in Jewellery and Metal design at Duncan Of Jordanstone in Dundee, and I’m enjoying it! This school is a great creative hub for the designers and artists of tomorrow! Before Scotland, I’ve started by a diploma in applied art, then a year in fine art, and after, I’ve done a DMA (Diplôme des Métiers d’Art) in jewellery( roughly the same as a bachelor but more traditional, based only on metalwork skills).

I can’t say that I’m a traveler, I’m not at all, I don’t travel often and my first “alone” experience was in UK not far from France… But I always love to know more about different countries, civilisations, cultures, food (especially food!) and the most important: I like to meet new foreigners and share with them! I think sharing it’s my own kind of travel… With that I can dream about countries I would like to discover, they are so many! USA, to cross the states on the Route 66, Australia not for the kangaroos, but because I hear a lot about contemporary jewellery there! Sweden because people are really good in design field! Japan, and China both for their culture, and the food obviously!

Other things about me… well, I’m an “abandoned places” lover! I like how houses, buildings, where people used to live are charged of emotions, and stories! I have a small collection of old postcards and old photo albums I’ve bought on ebay, seconds hands shops and antique fairs in France! I enjoy to see images from the past… maybe here a way to travel as well, in another time! I think I’m a bit materialist! I’ve strong feelings with objects, and sometimes, yes, I give them to much importance! I’m passionate about memento mori. Not in the creepy way, but i’m really interested by how people are fascinated and scared at the same time by the death. I’m obsessed with lists! I need to make lists for everything! I’ve got notebooks full of lists! It’s propbaly because my mind is not well organised, so I need to put down that mess onto paper to feel better.

In art, artists who come in my mind: Matthew Barney, Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Soulages, Ai Weiwei, Joel Peter Witkin… (there are too many!) …. I’m  not particularly attached to a specific field in art, I’m not really attached to jewellery. In fact I like jewellery because I think it’s a wonderful way to share and bring art to people instead waiting after people to come into a gallery or a museum!  And again, it’s propably because I’m materialist, I like this connection between a jewel and its wearer.

“Jewellery is such a wonderful way to celebrate being human _ this strange mess of mind and body, imagination and matter.” Florian Ladstaetter

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Heng, Lee says:

    LOVE your blogs! I’m a Jeweller in Taiwan, I saw some Jewelry Artist also from Taiwan in your blog (Li chu, Wu and Yu pin, Lin). Thank you for sharing!

  2. […] to inform you all about a new blog on contemporary jewellery that I discovered today. Actually, Anaïs, the writer of the blog, happened to stop by my blog and ‘like’ some of my posts and so […]

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