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New Start

For the few followers, who didn’t get a single news from this blog since… centuries, I am back on the blogworld. Not only talking about jewellery in Asia… you’ll see. CORRELATIVE THINGS will be art focused, with some jewellery related posts (obviously). So if you’re curious, here you go: CORRELATIVE THINGS/Bring art to people – nothing accurate. I would love to hear/read what you think.

Thank you all!



update cinnabar

Remember my article about Tricia Tang, and cinnabar. The other day, my friend Patricia, who is such a wee gem when I need to ask stuff about Asia, brought me her jade stamps and her cinnabar ink! Apparently the ink box is a really old one from her ancestors, so probably made with real cinnabar! The one extract from the mines,  which is not using anymore because of its toxicity! The stamps she shown me are made in jade with the jade carving technique. Even the small boxes are beautiful, made with fine textiles! The cinnabar ink was smelling weird, I don’t know if it’s the normal smell, but Patricia told me, because it’s a really old one, it’s maybe outdated now. If some people got more information about cinnabar ink, I’ll be happy to learn more! So please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. You can also tweet me @anaispaulard!

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Hardest part of a blog: the begining

Well, after spending hours trying to find the good settings, the function of every labels/buttons, after been lost into the “blog’s world”, I’ll finally post my first article about jewellery, and I hope you’ll appreciate it. Feel free for any comments or suggestions to enhance and make my blog better!

Hello world!

Hi everyone!

I’m Anaïs, a French jewellery student at Duncan of Jordanstone, Scotland and I’m starting my 4th year.

For this last year, I’ve choose to studying China for my dissertation module. The topic I’ve picked is “What is it like to be a contemporary jeweller in or coming from China  today?”. My work is going to be essentially through the internet, it’s such a good way to share and find everything very quickly!
As a part of my work, this blog will help me to organise and to list all of my research and interviews with some contemporary jewellers, students, teachers, galleries owners…

Just to be precise and clear, my blog’s name is “contemporary jewellery in China” but I’m also looking at Taiwanese artists, galleries…

I’m going to try to add a new post everyday, but I have to admit that I’m not familiar at all with blogs. So, roll on blog, roll on work and lets see what I can do!

If you have time, you can still looking at the class blog Made in China !